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We specialize in helping business owners create long-term sustainable growth and success in their business thru an effective digital marketing strategy and a proven client acquisition system

End to End Digital Marketing

If you dont know where to start on digital marketing for your business, we provide a quickstart solution and a blueprint to get digitial solutions set up and done for your business right now, without you lifting a finger.

We'll develop and manage your website - from hosting and domain configuration / set up to web design and development to maintaining the freshness and quality of your website (regular content / image updates and etc). We will do that all for you!

Then we will develop and execute a search engine optimization and search engine marketing plan to help establish your website presence - from keyword research to competitor analysis to ensure that you get to the top of of google organic searches based on your content.

And lastly, we will track and analyze your website performance and search engine analytics to see what's working and how to improve it,

Full Client Acquisition Stratey

If you are STRUGGLING to bring in consistent clients or would love to INCREASE your sales dramatically. Then we have a NO FLUFF proven client acquisition system specifically for business owners like you.

How would you like to get 20 potential new patients this week for $94.48 Facebook Ad spent? That is only $4.724 per potential new patient! Now, what is one patient worth to you? Let's just say $250 for one visit. So, if you only booked 50% of the 20 potential new patients this week. Then that is $250 x 10 = $2500 income for your business right away in one week!

We'd love to work with you on some Faebook advertising campaigns to prove our worth and earn your business. Ideally, I would hope to get you 2-4 new patients per day or 60 -120 new patients per month.

How would you like to have that results for your business? Want to take our 7 - day Trial? Pay only $100 for FB ad spend.

At RC Digital Consultancy, we utilize the most comprehensive and advanced online marketing techniques and strategies to bring a constant stream of new patients for your chiropractic, medical, dental or physical medicine practice. Our unique and forward-thinking approach produces consistent, strong results. Our extensive list of services includes: – Website Design – Local Search Engine Listings – Site Content – Video Production & Web Posting – E-Mail Marketing – Blog Creation & Article Marketing – Review Site Management – Youtube, Facebook, and Social Media Marketing. Call RC Digital Consultancy today at 1-888-744-1547 for a FREE Online Marketing Consultation!

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We offer a Strategic Approach and Intelligence-Based Digital Marketing & Client Acquisition system that works


With clients all over the world and a passion to automate and streamline evertything digital, our work speaks for itself.

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If you are STRUGGLING to bring in consistent clients or would love to INCREASE your sales dramatically. We have a NO FLUFF proven client acquisition system specifically designed for business owners like you. Book a 30-minute strategy call to get started today.